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Balancing Your 4 Healths With Reiki, Part II

Yesterday we were discussing the importance of balance on the physical plane. If you’ll recall the basic idea was that Reiki is all about balancing energy. Reiki, as intelligent energy, is drawn to energetic imbalances like a magnet is drawn to its polar opposite.Today we are going to shift that discussion to something a bit […]

Reiki and Reflexology

Here is another healing modality that is greatly enhanced by Reiki (and vice versa). Reflexology (aka Zone Therapy) is basically a simplified form of acupressure for the feet, (but can also be applied to the hands and ears as well) and in case you haven’t tried it, Reflexology is almost as simple to do as […]

Reiki and Religion

In a nutshell (although a highly contentious one) it is my belief that Reiki is in no way, shape or form a religion. It is either a spiritual path or a healing practice (depending on how traditional you want to be) but there is absolutely nothing religious about it and because of this quality it […]

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