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Where Does Reiki Come From?

There are two conflicting explanations as to where Reiki energy actually comes from and I’d like to take a moment to examine these here. External Reiki The first theory is that Reiki energy exists outside of us and, after receiving a Reiki attunement, we then have the ability to draw this energy in through our […]

Reiki Secrets

Recently I’ve received a few email inquiries about a recent comment on this site concerning Reiki Secrets and thought I’d make my response available to everyone just in case any of you had any questions about it. So with the sincere hope that I don’t ruffle too many feathers… here goes… The comment in question […]

Reiki in the Trenches

In the light of yesterday’s earthquake in Tohoku Japan I’d like to take a look at the front line, so to speak, of Reiki healers… those Reiki practitioners who are working in emergency zones, hospitals, hospices, treatment centers, and other places where there is the continuous need for a LOT of Reiki, in serious situations, […]

Gendai Reiki Koryukai

This weekend I had the pleasure of joining approximately 50 other Reiki enthusiasts at another monthly Gendai Reiki Koryukai hosted by Hiroshi Doi. Koryukai, aka Reiki workshops, Reiki Shares, Reiki Gatherings, all seem to have their own personality and way of doing things and I find Doi Sensei’s to be among the most unique of […]

Dr. Chujiro Hayashi

I was discussing the Meiji Restoration yesterday with one of my Reiki students (who is a retired high school history teacher) when, for one reason or another, the subject turned to Dr. Hayashi. Several questions were raised and I found my answers less then adequate, so I decided to do a little research and frankly, […]

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