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Reiki and Communication

In a recent discussion on a popular medical board it was stated that "all disease is due to mis-communication of messages between and within cells." This really got me to thinking, and if doctors are discussing such things (as they apparently are, since this was a forum for doctors), then perhaps there really is some […]

Balancing Your 4 Healths With Reiki, Part IV

For the past few days we have been discussing the importance of balance on the physical, mental and emotional planes. If you’ll recall the basic premise is that Reiki is all about (re)balancing our natural energies when something has caused them to go out of whack <technical term>. Reiki, as intelligent energy, is drawn to […]

Reiki, Golden Week and the Uesaku Festival

This is the Golden Week Holiday in Japan, a time of mass exodus and crowded roads (as well as crowded temples, shrines, hotels, restaurants, trains, buses, malls, supermarkets, convenience stores and cemeteries). Since, as you all know, I’m not traveling this year as I’m spending the bulk of the holiday with a paint roller glued […]

Breaking Through Stubborn Energy Blocks

One theory as to how Reiki actually does what it does is that it dissolves blocks in the body’s various energy systems and this has piqued my curiosity of late… especially in regard to difficult healings and stubborn blocks. So I’d like to take a look at this in more detail here. The body consists […]

Reiki Energy Orbs

Recently, I’ve been noticing more and more Energy Orbs in pictures where Reiki is present (Reiki Trainings, Reiki Shares, Reiki Healings, etc.). This is especially true (but not limited to) photos from digital cameras. At first I found them to be rather creepy… but now I kinda feel slighted if they aren’t present… go figure… […]

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