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Facebook Reiki Launch

Have you ever noticed how its the little things that seem to persistently seem to stand in the way of progress? Kind of keeps us on our toes, I guess! At any rate, I do believe our little Reiki Healing Application for Facebook is finally ready for prime time <insert sound of applause here> and […]

New Reiki Plantimentation

I have a quick little exercise for the more inquisitive and adventurous among you. Its interesting and I know it works, because I just did it myself. Go to your local home center and get yourself two little house plants as similar as possible. Take them home and put them in different rooms with as […]

Increasing Your Reiki Power

I‘ve been asked what the best way is to effective increase your Reiki power, so I thought I’d write a quick post on it as it may prove to be of interest to all. While its true that the hands-down best way to increase one’s Reiki energy is just through repeated practice and effort, an […]

The Reiki Power Symbol

The Reiki Power Symbol, which is known merely as the First Symbol in Traditional Japanese Reiki is by far my favorite Reiki symbol because of its sheer versatility, ease of use and, well, its power. In this post I would like to look at a very powerful, yet underused (often unused) application of the Reiki […]

Computer Reiki

After a major computer meltdown late last night, today’s post is a combination reminder to Reiki your computer and test to see if I’ve succeeded in restoring order to the universe. First of all, in case you didn’t know, yes you can give Reiki to all animate or inanimate things and in regard to yesterday’s […]

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