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21 Day Reiki Cleanse

A few folks have asked me about the 21 Day Cleanse when one is attuned to Reiki and while I’ve never experienced it, I know many people who have so I thought I’d take a moment to address it here. Theory has it that when the Reiki energy is introduced to your energy system it […]

Deep Reiki Sleep

I was giving a Reiki treatment yesterday when one of those nagging thoughts got into my head that just wouldn’t quit, and through the course of the evening it grew itself into what you are about to read. The patient came to me with complaints of insomnia, high blood pressure, stress and inability to focus… […]

Reiki Kriya

Last night while I was giving a quick Reiki treatment, the recipient suddenly had an acute spasm that almost sent her flying off the table. She said that it felt like something inside of here knee popped (even though I was treating her head at the time). Welcome to the wonderful world of Reiki Kriya!! […]

Masculine vs. Feminine Energies in Reiki

In this post I’d like to compare and contrast the masculine and feminine or yin and yang energies as applied to Reiki. At many Reiki Shares I’ve attended we form a Reiki Circle where Reiki Practitioners (and other assorted participants) form a circle and stand with their left hands facing palms up and their right […]

Reiki Energy Orbs

Recently, I’ve been noticing more and more Energy Orbs in pictures where Reiki is present (Reiki Trainings, Reiki Shares, Reiki Healings, etc.). This is especially true (but not limited to) photos from digital cameras. At first I found them to be rather creepy… but now I kinda feel slighted if they aren’t present… go figure… […]

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