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Z – Reiki Alphabet Challenge

Welcome to the 2008 Reiki Alphabet Challenge!!! Its great to have you here!!! This challenge is designed to give you something new to Reiki every day by giving you a new letter to focus on each day. Hopefully, by the end of the challenge you will have Reikied things you hadn’t considered before and thereby […]

Timeline Reiki

This is a bit higher level for those of you who voted for more advanced Reiki techniques in the recent poll, and no, even though I recently wrote about Michael Crichton, this technique has nothing to do with his book Timeline, rather, it combines Reiki with Timeline Therapy for some amazing results. What is Timeline […]

Reiki and Islam

I must admit that I don’t know very much about Islam, so when an article concerning Reiki appeared today in an English language Arab newspaper I was sure to take notice. It didn’t say much, but there were two points I found rather interesting and would like to touch upon them here. The article, appearing […]

Breaking Through Stubborn Energy Blocks

One theory as to how Reiki actually does what it does is that it dissolves blocks in the body’s various energy systems and this has piqued my curiosity of late… especially in regard to difficult healings and stubborn blocks. So I’d like to take a look at this in more detail here. The body consists […]

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