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Reiki Cocktail

Okay I think its time to lay this question to rest. Twice this week I’ve been asked if it is an accepted Reiki practice that alcohol is not allowed. I’m not really sure where that idea first came from, but I’d like to address it here. First off, alcohol is allowed. There is nothing at […]

Reiki and Hypnosis

As a follow up to yesterday’s post on Reiki & the Unconscious Mind, I would like to dig a little deeper into this connection by offering another way of connecting the two involving Reiki and Hypnosis. What is Hypnosis? There are many definitions of Hypnosis and many interpretations of those definitions. For our purposes I […]

Reiki and Reflexology

Here is another healing modality that is greatly enhanced by Reiki (and vice versa). Reflexology (aka Zone Therapy) is basically a simplified form of acupressure for the feet, (but can also be applied to the hands and ears as well) and in case you haven’t tried it, Reflexology is almost as simple to do as […]

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