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Reiki and Education

This is an area quite near and dear to my heart in that my day job is that of a language teacher. So I could probably write a book about Reiki & Education (or Reiki in the Classroom… and someday I just may) but for now I promise to keep it short. Reiki Level 2 […]

Reiki and Massage

As touched upon in the posts on Reiki & Aromatherapy & Reiki & Reflexology and to some extent in the post on Reiki & Acupressure, Reiki & Massage complement each other extremely well and since either of these therapies work well on their own, the combination makes for an extremely powerful session. The main idea […]

Reiki and Reflexology

Here is another healing modality that is greatly enhanced by Reiki (and vice versa). Reflexology (aka Zone Therapy) is basically a simplified form of acupressure for the feet, (but can also be applied to the hands and ears as well) and in case you haven’t tried it, Reflexology is almost as simple to do as […]

Reiki and EFT

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is the brainchild of Gary Craig and I highly recommend it to Reiki enthusiasts everywhere as being another one of the many healing modalities that fits Reiki like a glove. Described as an emotional version of acupuncture, EFT is based on the premise that “The cause of all negative emotions is […]

Differences between Eastern and Western Reiki

If you asked me about the differences between traditional Japanese Reiki (what I’m calling Eastern Reiki) and that studied in other countries (what I’m calling Western Reiki) when I first started to study Reiki here in Japan (about 10 years ago) I would have said the differences were night and day. However over the last […]

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