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The Ultimate Liberation is Hard Work

I read an article the other day that I have been trying to relocate, but thus-far have been unable to. At first reading I though it was just some guy complaining about the current state of spirituality, but as I thought about it some more his message began to sink in. Please allow me to explain… Basically […]

The Shocking Truth About Reiki

Okay, I can say right off the bat that this post might be a bit hard to swallow for some and is sure to ruffle some feathers… but those who have been reading my posts for awhile know that I’m a “tell it like it is” kind of guy, so in my usual no holds […]

Z – Reiki Alphabet Challenge

Welcome to the 2008 Reiki Alphabet Challenge!!! Its great to have you here!!! This challenge is designed to give you something new to Reiki every day by giving you a new letter to focus on each day. Hopefully, by the end of the challenge you will have Reikied things you hadn’t considered before and thereby […]

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