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Reiki Testing

Just a quick observation as I dash off to get my Reiki Recharge at Doi Sensei’s monthly Reiki Koryukai. I’ve previously talked about the importance of testing in one’s Reiki practice and I’d like to give a quick example of what I mean by testing. Connect to Reiki in whatever way you usually do. Put […]

A Reiki Poem

Someone sent me this beautiful Reiki poem written entitled SHARING by Gouthum Karadi of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, that I would like to ‘share’ with y’all. SHARING With Reiki I see In ways nontraditionally Each morning I awake And speak to the fates Through silence so profound That one hears without sound The ears […]

Reiki and Reflexology

Here is another healing modality that is greatly enhanced by Reiki (and vice versa). Reflexology (aka Zone Therapy) is basically a simplified form of acupressure for the feet, (but can also be applied to the hands and ears as well) and in case you haven’t tried it, Reflexology is almost as simple to do as […]

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