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Mistakes in Reiki

Recently I was asked about a certain Reiki Master who teaches that making mistakes is alright in Reiki. Of course different styles of Reiki have different beliefs and teach different philosophies about Reiki, and I have no problem at all with that, and to err is human and all that not withstanding I thought I’d […]

Increasing Your Reiki Power

I‘ve been asked what the best way is to effective increase your Reiki power, so I thought I’d write a quick post on it as it may prove to be of interest to all. While its true that the hands-down best way to increase one’s Reiki energy is just through repeated practice and effort, an […]

Reiki Testing

Just a quick observation as I dash off to get my Reiki Recharge at Doi Sensei’s monthly Reiki Koryukai. I’ve previously talked about the importance of testing in one’s Reiki practice and I’d like to give a quick example of what I mean by testing. Connect to Reiki in whatever way you usually do. Put […]

Reiki Energy Orbs

Recently, I’ve been noticing more and more Energy Orbs in pictures where Reiki is present (Reiki Trainings, Reiki Shares, Reiki Healings, etc.). This is especially true (but not limited to) photos from digital cameras. At first I found them to be rather creepy… but now I kinda feel slighted if they aren’t present… go figure… […]

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