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Reiki Energy Orbs

Reiki Energy Orbs

Recently, I’ve been noticing more and more Energy Orbs in pictures where Reiki is present (Reiki Trainings, Reiki Shares, Reiki Healings, etc.). This is especially true (but not limited to) photos from digital cameras. At first I found them to be rather creepy… but now I kinda feel slighted if they aren’t present… go figure… :roll:

What Are Reiki Energy Orbs?

In the photo above, the Energy Orbs (aka Energy Balls, Reiki Balls, Tachyon Energy, Ectoplasma, etc.) are especially clear. There are many theories as to what causes them, but my own personal opinion is along the lines stated in my post on The Dark Side of Reiki in which I mentioned that when you connect to Reiki, your connection is visible to those that can see… I liken this to a beacon that is sent up into the cosmos alerting both positive (and possibly negative) energies, entities or in this case Energy Orbs to its presence. Here I distinguish between entities as being conscious, and energies as being unconscious and I’ve seen no conclusive evidence that one or the other is true.

I believe the reason these Energy Orbs are becoming more apparent recently is that they are attracted to any type of paranormal activity, of which Reiki, in its drawing in of spiritual energies, surely qualifies. In the past. they were seem to have been more concentrated in graveyards, and perhaps one of the reasons cemeteries have such a spooky reputation is that certain people have always been able to see these balls of energy and/or sense their presence, and things that are not understood are often met with some degree of skepticism or negativity.

While not exactly enlightened, more and more people are open to practices like Reiki that are surrounded by spiritual energy and so these phenomena are being reported more and more frequently. Perhaps the reason I can’t find them in pictures taken when I was younger is that neither myself or the people around me drew in these spiritual energies although I don’t really have many (any, in fact) pictures of graveyards (I’m not scared, its just not my thing… REALLY!!!). :shock:

These Energy Orbs seem to come in all shapes and sizes, sometimes there are geometric patterns embedded and sometimes you can make out a face. Here’s one (taken at a Komyo Reiki Master’s Class) that looks a lot like a smilie!

Reiki Orb

Its hard to tell how big these things are as there is no way of knowing how far they are away from the camera (or even inside the camera for that fact). With a little research, I found this on a YouTube video, which kind of acts like I would expect:


Although I can’t vouch for its authenticity, as there are increasingly more and more of these kinds of things on YouTube (and elsewhere). That one seems kind of real to me though. You’ll have to judge it for yourself…

What are the implications of all of this? Personally, I believe it provides some type of proof or scientific evidence that there is something going on. We may not be exactly sure of what that something is, but those of us who are Reiki Practitioners are perhaps aware of things that others may not be. When I take my camera and take pictures of a Reiki training, and the next day take pictures of a birthday party and there are Energy Orbs in one but not the other (I won’t say which is which) there is certainly something going on.

When I first saw pictures containing these things I was highly skeptical. But when I started noticing them in my own pictures, and when people not connected to Reiki showed them to me in pictures that they took while I was present, I was convinced… they are not only real, but they are highly meaningful. Perhaps you’ll have to see it for yourself to believe it… got a camera? :idea:

For further explanation or discussion, your thoughts are most welcome and highly encouraged, please feel free to comment below!!!

Duane P. Flowers, Reiki Master

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  1. I’ve never taken pictures during a session or at a gathering of practitioners (I will have to now though! ) I can vouch that as a Reiki Master and Energy Healing practioner that I do either sense or often times see beings (guides, masters, etc) in the room when I am doing a session. Other practitioners that I know have the same experience. I think that they are definitely drawn to us as lightworkers and, as such, that we are more likely to be able to see them. I have a friend that did show me a picture that she keeps on her desk that was taken a friends house (both people present were energy healers) and there is a definite presence notable in the phoptograph. I was at first sceptical, but I could actually feel the energy emanating from the phopto so asked my guides who confirmed its authenticity. Now that I think about it, I have caught glimpses of orbs ‘dancing’ around during my sessions – I get the sense that some are entities and others are specific forms of energy. Hmmmm…….will have to pay more attention to this…….

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  2. I’d love to hear more about your experiences sensing energies/entities. When you actually see them, what exactly do you see? Are they discernable shapes, people, or just blobs of energy? I tend to sense them rather than see them, although I have caught shadows on occasion… little buggers are just too fast for me… :lol:

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  3. i’ve got a few pictures with such orbs in them, but they’re all of me or other folks just hanging around. i’ve never taken a picture during any sort of reiki session. 

    i don’t really notice them around me while i’m using reiki, either. i’m not very adept at sensing energies.
    although sometimes i’ll notice a sort of light on the edge of my vision, gone when i look toward it. not always while i’m using reiki, though.also sometimes while using reiki, i’ll kinda hear someone i know say my name…it’s like a thought, but somehow different. like it’s outside my head, i guess.and then i’ll direct reiki toward them.

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  4. When I see them they differ in form and shape.  Some have human form/shape and are a bit blurry, while others are quite clear and I can see their faces, etc. in detail. Others show up as just energy,  whether it be a sheet of energy or balls of light - most of these I sense as specific types of energy that are coming through to help; they are intelligent and conscious, but not of human origin like those that present themselves in human form.
    My guides often show themseves quite clearly in human form, giving directions, when needed, for the session and often teaching me techniques. There are also times when I just sense their presence and know that they are there and they show themselves only if needed during a session.

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  5. I was talking to a lady and she said that a large amount of orbs showed up when they were finished a group meditation. She had some unbelievable photos of these orbs and even one so detailed you could almost make out a torso of some sort of being!
    My take on this is that Reiki raises the vibration in the area, allowing those from higher vibration to show themselves. Very interesting stuff :)

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  6. Hi Nick!

    Interesting idea!

    I wonder if the Reiki “raises the vibration in the area, allowing those from higher vibration to show themselves” or if that elevated vibration attracts them in some way…

    It’d be great to see those pictures someday!

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  7. At the end of the Reiki 1 attunement i could truely feel a round ball of radiating, pulsating energy nesteled softly in my left hand……funny thing was i couldn't see it……but the feeling i got reminded me of pictures i had seen with orbs in them. It was the only thing i could relate it to. I've seen them in pictures growing up surrounding family members, or a few times, in person,……………….how neat to find an article about orbs in relation to reiki………..

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