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The Most Powerful Reiki Technique Ever | Total Reiki Mastery
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The Most Powerful Reiki Technique Ever


I'd like to share a simple technique here for producing, what I have found, to rank among some of the strongest Reiki I have ever experienced. This is an original technique that I teach to my advanced Hana Reiki students, although any and all Reiki Practitioners should easily be able to perform it. Interested? Read on...

The Power of the Tween

Cutting right to the chase, for centuries the power of the tween, i.e., 'the times between' have always held a special fascination and an increase in power for countless shamanic groups, witches and wizards, mysterious cults and not so mysterious religions. These generally fall at midnight, the time between one day and the next, more so at new years, the time between one year and the next and even more so with the arrival of new centuries or millennia. This should be enough theoretical explanation for the first part of this technique.

The Power of the Dream

The second part of this technique involves that mysterious dimension we travel to when we dream. That place where time stands still and we can fly and moonwalk through walls. The powers inherent in lucid dreaming have always held a certain wonder for me, and as of yet I still haven't been able to lucid dream to the extent where I can perform Reiki in my sleep. Although I'm working on it... and have been for many years. Lucid dreaming in and of itself is quite a daunting accomplishment and my success has been limited... although I have succeeded at times, it has proven much more difficult than I would like.

The Power of the Tween Dream

The technique that I am introducing to you today is kind of blend between the power of the tween and the power of the dream. In this case the tween is that time between sleep and wakefulness. When we are just coming out of sleep, but still drenched in Mr. Sandman's Magical Dust. The secret here is remain perfectly still when we first awaken. Do not move a muscle, do not open your eyes, do not speak and if you wake up by alarm clock do not reach over to turn it off. DON'T MOVE! Only by doing so (or not doing so to be more precise) can you remain in the tween for the task at hand.

For those of you who have difficulty in remembering your dreams you may also try this... it is when we move that the dreams (which are held in our muscles and the spaces in between our atoms) disperse and try to enter our logical mind, when they are incomprehensible. If you want to remember your dreams... DON'T MOVE!!!

Okay, back to the technique. Where were we? Oh yeah... I left you awake, but motionless, in your bed. By now you should be coherent, but still in la la land. [technical term] This is the perfect time and place to send a most powerful distance Reiki. The first thing you need to do is to call the Reiki energy to you. Some people do this mentally as a rule, others raise their hands to connect, as I do. Since you can't move, you have to call it mentally. And you will soon feel that familiar tingling in your hands.

The second step is to visualize the distance symbol and or internally invoke the mantra. Either works equally well. For those of you who went through my 30 Day Reiki Challenge you would have gained some experience in distinguishing between distance Reiki energy and regular Reiki energy... for those that didn't it's not really important... just helpful. Once you have completed this step you are ready to send Reiki wherever and whenever you like... the sky is the limit.

Sending Reiki from this state is quite invigorating. Not only can you feel the Reiki pulsing through your hands at a phenomenal rate, but you will feel it with an intensity that is generally not achievable in a waking state. If you want to make it even more powerful, you can use what I call the Reiki Snowball Effect. I will send Reiki to myself in the morning 5 days later on the first day, 4 days later on the second, 3 days later on the third, etc. Then on the 5th Day you will have this incredible build up of Reiki energy that you can then direct whoever you like. [insert sound of evil laughter here]  Pretty neat, eh?

The most difficult part of this technique is remembering to do it. That takes a bit of discipline. But if you persist, and then take the 5 minutes needed to do so every morning, it will soon become habit and just another step on the path to Total Reiki Mastery and will turn your Reiki practice into something somewhat truly special... if it isn't already! 💡

For further explanation or discussion, your thoughts are most welcome and highly encouraged, please feel free to comment below!!! Duane P. Flowers, Reiki Master



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  1. Just a comment...as I found this very interesting. If I awake to an alarm, it is too jolting to my mind/spirit. For instance, I remember my dreams much better without an alarm. AS many people do, I set the intent to wake up at a certain time (unless I'm waking up unusually early to catch a plane or some other event with a critical time element outside my normal sleep schedule and then I use the alarm.) ANyway, I'm thinking that to maximize this "tween time power" some people might find it beneficial to not use an alrm - for me, anyway, it helps to keep that "tween time" going. I never had a name for this state so I'm glad you wrote about it and gave me another use for it. For anyone who hasn't tried to be in this state, it is very interesting.

  2. You are right about the alarm... alarms that can be set to a particular radio station, CD players/ipods/iphone, etc. alarms or other devices that wake you to something less intrusive are also quite effective for those who are less successful at using intent to wake. I haven't used an alarm in many years, so thanks for pointing that out. :smile:

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