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Reiki Blanket


When my daughter was a baby she used to get Reiki on a regular basis. As a result, she’s grown up with Reiki as a normal part of her worldview. yesterday, while preparing some old clothes for recycle she grabbed this old worn out blanket from the pile and squealed… “my Reiki blanket!” I thought she was kidding around and didn’t immediately connect the dots, but my wife did (amazing how quick on the uptake she can be at times… but I’m not going there). :lol: You see, I had forgotten about all the Reiki I used to give to her and 99% of the time she was wrapped up in that little blanket while I was doing it. Years later it is all quite a blur to me, but it is as fresh in her mind as if it were yesterday. This got me to thinking, and I could probably write a book about what that simple exchange, but for this post I will limit it to the following…:idea:

With all the Reiki I’ve given over the years, it would be no surprise to learn that the rooms I have given Reiki in have absorbed quite a bit of it. For a couple of years I frequented a monthly Reiki Share led by one of my teachers (Rev. Hyakuten Inamoto) and that meeting was always in the same room of an old house. Upon entering that room I could feel the Reiki energy long before the Reiki sharing began. There were some very power Reiki practitioners (including Hyakuten himself) giving Reiju and pouring out Reiki for several hours each session, and I’m sure the room was saturated, as I didn’t really sense it in any other room of the house.

Another Reiki Share I used to frequent on a monthly basis (I only get around to these every so often nowadays) was led by my other Reiki teacher (Hiroshi Doi) and that meeting was always in a different room of a large community center. I don’t know if it was because these were held in different rooms, or if there were just too many people in and out of them during the month, but even though these meetings have been held here for over a decade I cannot sense any Reiki at all in the rooms when I enter them (they are quite full by the time we leave though).

Recently I’ve taken to scanning rooms and objects for Reiki following Reiki Shares and Reiki Sessions and I’ve found some interesting things. Some rooms and some objects seem to keep the Reiki energies for longer amounts of time. Reiki sessions given in the Japanese room of my house (a traditional room with no windows and tatami floors) keeps the energy the longest. I don’t know if it is the lack of windows that keeps other outside energies from replacing it or not, but the tatami mats on the floor seem to hold the energy much more than the carpeting or wood floors in the other rooms.

My massage table, although being used for a lot of Reiki sessions doesn’t seem to hold much energy, but the silk blanket that covers it does. Some pillows and mats also hold the energy better than others. Some liquids (like water and salty sports drinks) holds the energy much longer than colas or coffees and some foods do much better than others.

After comparing notes on all this stuff <technical Reiki term> it seems that natural materials (whole foods, tatami, silk, soft wood, etc.) hold Reiki much longer than synthetic ones. Soft wood absorbs the Reiki quicker but hard woods keep it longer. Wood walled rooms hold the Reiki, better than concrete, wallpaper, drywall or paneling and windowless rooms hold the energy longer than rooms with windows, glass sliding doors or connecting rooms with traffic.

Looking at all of this it makes quite a bit of sense, but I never really thought about it before. Now that I have I will be sure to pay closer attention to it, and as always, should I discover anything worth reporting you will all be the first to know. :razz:

Oh… my daughter’s blanket was made of fleece. :smile: Thanks for the insight, Nikki!!! :grin:

For further explanation or discussion, your thoughts are most welcome and highly encouraged, please feel free to comment below!!!

Duane P. Flowers, Reiki Master.

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  1. great information. i have often wondered how long Reiki energy lasts on objects

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  2. Crystals, of course, hold a charge the longest… next is probably some essential oils… Rose Oil especially seems to hold a Reiki Charge quite nicely…

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  3. In India, almost all Hindu temples are designed and built using some Agama principles that are aligned to hold the energies and spiritual vibrations for a long time. Even in the homes, where we do Puja (ritual worship daily), certain principles are used and these are again designed to hold the energies (vibrations) better for a long time.

    With best wishes,

    Hyderabad, India
    Reiki Master and Spiritual Healer

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  4. Hi Swamy,

    This is really interesting and really makes a lot of sense. I’d be interested in finding out if any other cultures follow similar practices. Perhaps the pyramids were built with such thoughts in mind and I wonder if teepees and igloos originated the same way.
    Thanks for the inspiration!!
    ~love & light~
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