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Z – Reiki Alphabet Challenge

Reiki Alphabet Challenge

Reiki Alphabet Challenge

Welcome to the 2008 Reiki Alphabet Challenge!!! Its great to have you here!!! This challenge is designed to give you something new to Reiki every day by giving you a new letter to focus on each day. Hopefully, by the end of the challenge you will have Reikied things you hadn’t considered before and thereby increased the boundaries of your Reiki world. So let’s get started…

Today’s letter is “Z” and our focus is on Reiki Zeal.

Let me ask you a question… How excited do you get when you talk about Reiki? How do you go about explaining it to people who have never heard of it? Do you go out of your way to bring Reiki into someone’s life? How excited do you get when you think about it or when you actually do it? When you reflect on this magnificent gift of the universe, how do you justify having it in your life? Do you take it for granted? As a matter of course? As something that you feel you somehow deserve and that should just be? Or are you awestruck each and every time you think about it? What is your level of Reiki Zeal?

You really should be overwhelmed, you know. There is absolutely nothing in the world like Reiki and chances are you’ll never see anything like it ever again. This magic that Dr. Usui happened upon while seeking spiritual enlightenment is no less than a miracle… and with the level of despair in the world reaching epidemic proportions, isn’t it nice to know there’s something positive to balance out the scales? Those of us who have stumbled upon Reiki have stumbled upon a phenomenon no less miraculous than the Holy Grail itself and to consider it any less would be doing it a terrible injustice. Think about that…

if you’ve been doing Reiki for any amount of time, it may have begin to lose it sparkle, so to speak. The intention of today’s challenge is to bring that sparkle back, and to do so in such a way that you will never ever lose it again. To do so, you need to look at Reiki through the proverbial eyes of a child. Through no-mind. Completely without judgment. Think of the power the ability to perform physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healings gives you. Now think of the billions of poor souls who have yet to realize that ability that lies dormant in them and they go through their lives suffering badly with afflictions they could be healing themselves if they would only accept this gift that the universe has offered.

Many people go through life with a feeling of utter helplessness to do anything at all about the situations they find themselves in. Reiki has lifted you above all that and puts you at a marked advantage in virtually every situation imaginable. When you talk about Reiki to others the pure pageantry of it should shine through and you need to feel it within in order for it to shine without… so to speak.

So as you sit there and reflect on the sheer and utter good that Reiki brings to the world. And as you acknowledge that somehow the universe conspired to allow you access to this special magic. What are you going to do with that knowledge? Keep it to yourself? Or share it with all who would hear? As we approach the holiday season the levels of suffering in the world are staggering. Your challenge is to do something about it. No matter how small a contribution you make to the overall good in the world, the universe will appreciate it and you will be rewarded many times over. Let your zealousness for this gift you’ve been given shine like a star attracting to you all that could use the help you have to give… and don’t hold back.

Hopefully the Reiki Alphabet Challenge has inspired you in some way to bring Reiki into your life in a way (or in ways) that previously went unnoticed. If there was one day in particular, that gave you an aha moment, or that brought back some of that initial wonder that you realized when you first began your journey on the Reiki path, I’d like you to think about it for a moment, and think about how that particular challenge differed from the others. If there were several, all the better. Think about that feeling and how good it felt to experience it. Remember it in as vivid detail as possible and cement that feeling (or anchor it, in NLP parlance). Doing so will enable you to recall it at will at any time in the future if you feel Reiki has lost its shine.

In closing today, I’d like to thank you all for reading and for keeping up with the challenge. I’d like to thank Lynda for her wonderful contributions and I’d like to thank the universe for bringing this gift to us. Tomorrow, I’ll be back to blogging as usual about the wonder I find in Reiki each and every day, and you are all invited to wonder right along with me… :smile:

For further explanation or discussion, your thoughts are most welcome and highly encouraged, please feel free to comment below!!!

Duane P. Flowers, Reiki Master

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