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Distance Attunement of Gendai Reikiho – Hiroshi Doi

Gendai Reiki Healing Association’s Position on Distance Transmission of Gendai Reikiho

Distance Attunement of Gendai Reikiho

- My Official Position -


1. My Point of View

I have received several inquiries regarding distance Gendai Reikiho courses from Masters of many countries. Every time, my response has been that individual Masters are responsible for offering such courses and Gendai Reiki Healing Association does not support distance courses.

At the URRI (Usui Reiki Ryoho International) Conference Workshops, I felt committed to tell the truth about Usui Sensei and traditional Reiki Ryoho, and I did my best to do so. And at the behest of the organizer of the conference, I shared the Gendai Reikiho system of Reiki practice in addition to my presentation.

I have said that individual Reiki Masters can adopt whichever part of Gendai Reikiho they feel worth while and disregard what they think worthless. I have hoped that each Reiki Master would make use of Gendai Reikiho freely according to his/her conscience after participating in my workshop, in order to spread love and harmony: This is why I have not made restrictions on how Gendai Reikiho techniques will be used.

This is how I have responded to individual inquiries. However, an online debate regarding the distance instruction of Gendai Reikiho has started, and I feel that my silence might lead to serious misunderstandings: Thus, I would like to make my position clear at this opportunity.

2. How Gendai Reikiho Was Introduced to the West

Gendai Reikiho is a system of Reiki that I developed for myself, to receive the maximum benefit of Reiki, after having studied both traditional Reiki Ryoho and Western-style Reiki. Its emphasis is on mind and body healing as well as spiritual growth.

I practice Gendai Reikiho alone in the beginning, but as an increasing number of people started to ask me to share, I established Gendai Reiki Healing Association. I am offering Seminars mainly to Reiki Masters, but I have no desire to actively propagate Gendai Reikiho. I have not appointed any sponsors or promoters of Gendai Reikiho in Japan or in any other part of the world: The only collaborators I have are Reiki Masters who studied and took interest in Gendai Reikiho, adopting it into their own curricula.

It is for certain that Gendai Reikiho became known worldwide after the first URRI held in Canada, thanks to Rick Rivard, Tom Rigler and Andy Bowling. The three Reiki Masters offered me great help on the publication of the English translation of my book, Modern Reiki Method for Healing. As I was grateful for all their effort, I invited them to my Master Seminar when they visited Japan to participate in the URRI Japan 2000 Conference, and presented Gendai Reikiho Master (Shihan) certificates.

At the time of the URRI Japan 2000 Conference, there were ten other participants in my Seminar, and it became customary for me to offer my Master Course to URRI participants who wished to study Gendai Reikiho.

3. How I Found Out About Distance Attunements

When I heard that there were Masters who offered distance Gendai Reikiho courses, I did not take special interest, and I was only mildly surprised by the fact that there are Masters who have points of view different from mine. As long as the position of Gendai Reiki Healing Association was clear, i.e., that it did not support such a method, it was left up to the Masters who were offering the courses. It was their responsibility, and I did not want to interfere.

In fall, 2002, I received the following email from one of my students in Germany:

“…There was an inquiry from a Swiss Reiki Master who is interested in Gendai Reikiho that there is an online Gendai Reikiho course. The website offers not only information on Gendai Reikiho and Doi Sensei but online Gendai Reikiho courses from levels I to IV and online attunements and Reiju, presenting the student the title of Gendai Reikiho Master and a Master Certificate upon completion of the course. In one section it said that after staring at a photo of Usui Sensei for one minute, the attunement was complete. The Swiss Master wanted to know if Gendai Reikiho was such a system, and I replied that it was not so according to Doi Sensei. The website carried a photo of Doi Sensei, and I was asked why you approve of such site…”

I do not know if this email refers to the same website that started off the recent debate.

I am not so stubborn as to disregard the Internet, which is a gift of modern civilization. Unlike a small island nation like Japan, in vast countries such as the US, Canada and countries of the EU, the use of the Internet might become a necessity some day. However, we must be extremely cautious when making use of such a method, especially because the Gendai Reikiho program is organized on the assumption that it will be instructed on a one-on-one basis in person. With the present teaching materials, it is not possible to expect satisfactory results from distance instruction. I categorically assert this since Gendai Reikiho is a system I organized and have been practicing.

When I judge the time to be ripe, I will make arrangements for a more effective program. If, at that point, Reiki Masters start offering Internet courses with the spirit of love and harmony, such courses will become accepted eventually, even if they meet some initial opposition. However, if an unsatisfactory Internet course is offered at the wrong time, there is bound to be trouble . I believe that time has not yet come, and I am waiting for the time to ripen.

4. My Position on Distance Attunement

The following is my position on distance attunements:

(1) Technically it is possible to teach the contents of the Gendai Reikiho Seminar and to transmit the energy through distance attunement and distance Reiju, but it is not possible to instruct Gendai Reikiho in its entirety.

(2) Since Usui Sensei’s time, Reiki Ryoho’s tradition is to transmit the energy one-on-one in person. Gendai Reikiho’s aim is to pass on the spirit of Usui Sensei; therefore, the close encounter of personalities is essential.

(3) Transmission of energy is the starting point where the Reiki Master’s and the student’s personalities come into direct contact: This is the most important aspect of the learning experience for mutual spiritual advancement.

(4) However, by only making use of distance methods from the beginning through the end, with the personalities never coming into direct contact, the experience will end in nothing more than transmission of the healing ability, and it will be difficult for the experience to contribute toward mutual spiritual growth.

(5) The present Gendai Reikiho program is not designed for distance transmission. In order to build a distance program, a system that ensures the quality of instruction must be in place. I believe that if such a thing becomes necessary, as the founder of Gendai Reikiho system, I should be the one to design it rather than some other Reiki Master.

5. Conclusion

My position on distance instruction is as stated above.

If a Reiki Master takes up distance transmission, which I deem an imperfect method for Gendai Reikiho at this point, that is not Gendai Reikiho. In traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho, there has never been any President of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai who recognized distance Reiju: The fact cannot be justified on the basis of a testimony from a nonexistent Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai “Shihan” : Please remember that some time ago, after a thorough research I announced clearly that the “Shihan” who was said to have attested to the validity of distance Reiju did not exist, and the fact was confirmed by Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai members. If trouble arises as a result of one’s own actions, and if one blames or tries to confute others for not being able to take responsibilities, that will only prove that the actions were taken solely for egotistical reasons. would like to state clearly that I have never recommended distance transmission before, and since I am not comfortable with such a method, I have never promised to be supportive of such a method. I will not keep someone from doing what he/she wishes, but whenever I am consulted, I advise the person that the present Gendai Reikiho program is not suited for distance transmission.

Finally, I would like to say that while I appreciate the help of many people, what I am interested in propagating is not Gendai Reikiho but the truth about Reiki Ryoho and the spirit of Usui Sensei. Gendai Reikiho is an effective system for myself, but individual Masters should decide if it suits them. I am content with sharing it with those who come to me, so that I can learn from the experience, too. Propagating something that is not helpful for my own spiritual growth is meaningless.

There must be many Reiki practice systems that are superior to the Gendai Reikiho system. All true Reiki practice systems lead to Dai Anshin – a state where the mind is perpetually filled with peace, tranquility and joy – that Usui Sensei taught. Regrettably, there are people who are more interested in new, unproven information than pursuing the way to Dai Anshin. They snap up all new and fetching information indiscriminately, but they are not interested in their own self-advancement: Such people teach systems that disguise themselves as Usui Sensei’s teachings, but leads to destinations that are far different from Dai Anshin.

In fall, 2002, there was news that a diary of Usui Sensei discovered by the founder of Medicine Dharma Reiki (Men Chhos Rei Kei) system was a fake. Also, many new findings concerning Usui Sensei’s system and information said to have come from Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai Shihan are unproven. Reiki Masters must not be misled by inconsequential claims, for instance, that someone is a direct student of Usui Sensei or Hayashi Sensei. Such claims are alluring, but it is important to discern the truth: A true Reiki system leads the practitioner to spiritual growth, and the practitioner should be able to feel this.

Since one cannot pursue two paths that lead to different destinations at the same time, if you become more interested in a destination other than Dai Anshin, you may discard Gendai Reikho at that point. It is the Master’s right to choose.

May all Reiki Masters make Usui Sensei’s spirit their own, practicing Usui Sensei’s Five Precepts in their lives.

February 2004

President, Gendai Reiki Healing Association

Hiroshi Doi

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