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Hadoscan vs. Reiki | Total Reiki Mastery
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Hadoscan vs. Reiki


There was an interesting article published this week at health24.com about the Hadoscanner, a machine that is able to detect energy levels in the human body. I had originally learned about Hado through the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, who has recently enjoyed some notoriety due to his study of the effects of the environment on water crystals made famous in the movie 'What the Bleep Do We Know?". His institute is also involved in Hado research which I hope to learn more about in the coming months.

The Hadoscanner has 2 main functions, first, it acts like a sonar device, recording the frequencies and levels of energy in different parts of the body. Those levels are then compared to a database in which optimum frequencies and levels for men and women at various ages are stored and the results are presented visually by different colored dots which indicate the health of the area being scanned.

The second function is that of a healer. In areas where energy levels are low (or high) the machine transmits neutralizing frequencies to balance out the energy. Once accomplished the a repeat scan will show that the poor energy levels have been treated.

Unfortunately, the treatment phase only lasts a short time, about 24 hours, after which the levels will return to their problematic levels. Ongoing research is digging into various modifications, applications and alterations in an effort to improve on the technology and the clinical evidence right now is quite minimal.

What I see in the Hadoscanner is an attempt to duplicate what Reiki does. The science is still quite young, but I believe it is heading in the right direction. I'm convinced that it is moving in the right direction and that someday there may very well be a Reiki machine... in the meantime we will have to settle for doing it the old fashioned way... which is just fine with me!!

For further explanation or discussion, your thoughts are most welcome and highly encouraged, please feel free to comment below!!!

Duane P. Flowers, Reiki Master.

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